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Connecticut is home to the toughest testing requirements for CBD products in the United States. At LASA we go above and beyond these requirements to ensure our customers always receive the safest and most accurately dosed products. To view the full report of your product’s test results, find the Lot Number located on the label of each of our products, then view the test results for that lot below.

Did you know?

Connecticut has the most stringent third-party hemp testing requirements in the country and requires a two-level testing regimen for hemp product manufacturing.

Before a Connecticut manufacturer receives any hemp from a grower the manufacturer first must obtain a copy of hemp testing results from the grower. This first level of testing must certify that the hemp contains less than 0.3 percent of THC. The manufacturer must then contract with an independent laboratory to perform additional testing on each batch to ensure the hemp meets standards to be a consumable product. This additional testing must be conducted prior to extracting CBD from the hemp. Laboratories conducting this additional testing must be registered with the state as a controlled substance laboratory. The manufacturer can not use the hemp for any purposes until it gets passing results from the tests and analyses from the independent testing lab.

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